Monday, May 27, 2013

To Brothers

my shirt is splitting
I am the incredible fucking hulk.
There is so much good
in madness and love.
Part resolution, part Promise.

I have enjoyed you so much,
and these gifts I continue to unwrap
and unfold

Presence and sound, of senses of humor and
Temperament. Such balanced souls
Are quite rare.

You think you know who’ll push you where
But you never know.
We never knew these things about Us
Until this heat wave here, when
March somehow turned to May and May somehow turned to August.
And so now I know
all the good stuff you brought me this year. 

In three beats
The cycle is enormous
 of decades, not years, but seconds
as five days or seven days or twelve days tick away
only to return.

I am  just a tonic.